Do not touch the hearts of others as long as you cannot stay with them.
Do not get close to them as long as you know that you will leave
Don’t hold their hands when everyone else fails them
Then, all of the letdowns are summarized in a double way and carried away
Don’t say to them that you loved them without really feeling your best ..
Don’t make anyone get used to being too close to you.
Do not make promises while you are as happy as you will not fulfill them
Do not make eternal promises as long as your entire life is temporary.
Stop messing around ..
Because the pain that you will create in the hearts of others
He will come back to you one day
And most important of all
It is to close your heart and stop believing the words
Unless you feel her sincerity in deeds.
There is no longer truth and balance
Feelings are temporary … words are repeated. Few deserve … life is short.
Your morning is love, hope and optimism

My daughter is my life

I will wait for you
On the sidewalk of memories
I will wait for you
On the banks of the river of longing
I will wait for you
On the corner of the lovers
I will wait for you
And that the separation lasted
I will wait for you
I am hoping to meet
I will wait for you
To come and scatter my exile with an embrace ,,,

it’s my life

Distances between humans are not bound by boundaries
The real distances between us are:
The distances of souls
Your soul may occupy someone far away
And someone might sit at you …
And don’t feel his presence.
The warmth of hearts does not come with the touch of a hand
But with a touch of soul.
And staying in the heart is not for the one with beautiful words !!
But for the owner of the position🦋💕

sensitive feeling

I learned from the roses ⚘
When bending to the breeze, I bow to those with a gentle style

Learned from roses
Tranquility and love are a secret of beauty

Learned from roses
That sometimes I have to hide behind my thorns to protect myself and not harm others

Learned from roses
The tears are like drops of dew with which we feel comfortable when they caress our faces

Learned from roses
To bestow joy, beauty and pleasure without waiting for thanks

The story of my heart

Yes, I need you ….
I need you badly, but fear is preventing me
It pulls my soul before my hand if I try
If I extend it to your hands … !!!!
So tell me what is the solution and how is the way ….?
I think about you all my time ..
Talk to you and talk to you, but … !!
Just between me and myself …
Your words still echo between my pulse and my heart …
He tells me you will never turn away from me …
You will not leave me ….
But this damned obsession haunts me
Wherever I turn … he tells me that you will leave as everyone else …
You will leave me alone and for my sorrows ….
You will leave me as the others did when they promised me that they will never leave
But they never lived up to those promises.

the love

There is no despair with life, no life with despair.
Love is a containment and an ability to tolerate, and it is an innate feelings created by God Almighty, and love is not limited to humans only, as all creatures possess feelings of love, they are natural feelings that no one has any interference in their existence, there is nothing to describe it. When my soul stops loving your love, my pen will stop loving letters and kissing paper, love is the tastiest and the most bitter. It is better for us to love so we fail to never love. The more we love the more our fear of offending the one we love doubles. I love you with all the meanings of the word love. You teach me how the feeling is. Do not measure your love by the size of my letters. What my heart bears, my pen cannot write. The thing in this life is only learning to love

أنشئ موقعًا مجانيًّا على الويب باستخدام وردبرس.كوم